Cell Phone Repair Las Vegas

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We know that feeling when you drop your phone whether that is on the ground or in water. You are thinking about the possibility of buying a new cell phone simply because you think that all hope is lost! While getting a new phone doesn’t sound too bad, it is horrible in your pocket since they can run as high as $200+ depending on the model (and we are talking about the cheaply made ones too). Think about it, why buy a new phone when you can have it repaired for a lower cost!

We are experts in all cell phone repairs whether it is an old or new model. If you have an issue with a bar phone, flip phone, or slider phone, we are able to fix those as well. Our expertise is profound as we find the solution for water damages, cracked phones, shattered touch screens, lens and digitizer replacement. Do you have issues with anything else? We are not just limited to your typical cell phone issues. We handle software solutions as well such as unlocking and jailbreaking.

You can be sure to trust us with all your cell phone needs because our repair center is equipped and ready for whatever troubleshooting that is brought to us!

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