IPhone Repair Las Vegas

IPhone Repair Las Vegas

Apple innovates the best cell phone products that it’s no wonder they have loyal consumers. Their software is top of the line that unlike the competition, it rarely has faults. Still, the iPhone will physically break upon an accident or after frequent use. Consequently, this is where iPhone repair is needed.

The good news is that we are experts in iPhone repair in Las Vegas! If you’re in dire need to get your iPhone repaired, we are the right people to do it for you! Of course, the iPhone has many models from years of generations, but any iPhone model doesn’t stop us from repairing your cell phone. We are familiar with models like the iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3.

Years Of Experience

We have years of experience behind our back which is why there is no task too big or too small for us. When we're talking about iPhone repair in Las Vegas, we only recruit the best people to be part of our team. We do this so that when you call us for help, they know how to repair your cell phone! Your satisfaction is important to us!

The iPhone is an expensive cell phone that replacing it will be a headache! Don’t get rid of your cell phone just yet-- we know iPhone repair! Over time, it’s normal for an iPhone to stop functioning, but our extensive knowledge in iPhone repair doesn’t challenge us!

These are some of the iPhone repair services that we specialize in: Cell phone unlocking, LCD, jailbreak, earpiece, digitizer, mute button, power button, vibrator, back housing, speaker, water damage, antenna, microphone, charging port and so much more!

When you break your cell phone

When you break your cell phone, the first thing you might think about is buying a new one. But nowadays, cell phones are so expensive that it’s unrealistic to buy another device every time it is damaged. This can be a headache if your cell phone model is costly as the iPhone. But we know iPhone repair, so you don't have to worry. The last thing you want is another problem in your hands. So what do you do? Call for an affordable iPhone repair in Las Vegas like us!

Send Your Broken Cell Phone

You can send your broken cell phone to its manufacturer for a limited warranty, but that’s too many tasks in itself! First, you’ll need to go to the post office to mail your cell phone to them. Then the waiting game begins. The process of iPhone repair will take a few weeks which will leave you phoneless for that amount of time. This sounds like an inconvenience, right?

This is why we made our iPhone repair services in Las Vegas affordable AND convenient for you! The other competition will charge you expensive fees to get your cell phone fixed. In fact, their prices can be so pricey that you’re better off buying a new one. Still, here at Fones Gone Wild, we make our prices affordable so that you’re reunited with your iPhone again!

Contact us today for a quote! We guarantee that we will beat the price of other cell phone repair businesses in Las Vegas!