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Apple computers are very unique because they use their own custom OS (operating system) which helps make the operating system more secure than Windows. Windows allows any publisher to create an application for their operating system. This is the primary reason why Macs obtain fewer viruses than Windows computers. Mac OS is also one of the best operating systems for any computer, with constant improvements and updates its hard to beat! As for hardware, Apple computers are very high-quality machines that will get the job done and then some, but they are not necessarily the best computer on the market. If you’re in need of Apple computer repair in Las Vegas then you’ve found the right shop!

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Many Mac Computers have the option to upgrade the hardware of the computer. Apple can also do this but they charge a premium price which often far exceeds the value of the components being installed. At Fones Gone Wild, we can upgrade your computer at a much cheaper price for the same or even better hardware. The most common upgrades on Mac Computers are hard drive installations, which require installing a new OS. Also, RAM is another common upgrade for Mac Computers. Although recently Apple has made aftermarket Ram or Hard Drive upgrades obsolete, there are still options for most Mac Computers.

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