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What Your Phone Says About You

We are the generation of technology. We were born with the coming age of the Internet and mobile devices such as the cell phone. But from the square-sized electronic device that sits in our back pockets, what does that say about the person we are? Based on four different types of cell phones, here is what we found about what your phone says about you!

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iPhone Users

Apple phones were one of the first smartphones to hit the shelves and impress the world with its cut-edge technology of touch screens and functions. However, this iconic symbol has now become an iconic status. Being spotted with an iPhone can mean a variety of labels and assumptions.

Considering iPhones are not cheap devices, it is noted that you are doing well with money, especially if you are one to upgrade newly every year when the new and improved one hits stores. As a person, you prefer to stick with what you know and have little to no desire to venture off to different types of phones because having to learn an entirely new operating system and phone all around doesn’t appeal to you.

You enjoy sticking to the basics when having an iPhone considering an upgrade to the iPhone is more an improvement to certain aspects of the phone rather than introducing new features.

Android Users

If you ventured away from the Apple Era, you have a spontaneous and creative personality. It is proven by your willingness to learn a whole different world of technology with an Android. There is more room for exploration due to the forever evolution of every device created. New features keep an Android user updated with the latest technology, therefore keeping that user trendy.

BlackBerry Users

Yes, the Blackberry still exist! If you are one to own one of these devices, you must mean business. The majority of corporate owners and business persons utilize a BlackBerry device for its sleek and professional look along with its enterprise service.

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