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New models of phones come out every year, with prices now becoming $1000 for the standard models, not everyone can go out and buy one each year.  Fones Gone Wild has got you covered.  We sell even the newest models for great deal much less than the stores, all with that Fones Gone Wild guarantee.  

Then what to do with that old model.  Don’t throw it away or stick it in a drawer never again to see the light of day, turn it in, put it to your new model, or even take an old device and get some extra play cash for it.  Fones Gone Wild will pay cash on the spot or even offer trade in values to one of our devices or repairs for your old SMART PHONES, TABLETS, COMPUTERS, GOLD, AND OTHER ELECTRONICS AND LUXURY ITEMS.    

At Fones Gone Wild we can have you in and out with cash in hand for your old devices and other things.  Our process of testing the item and checking all functions only takes a few minutes and we can have you on your way with a smile on your face.

Plan to Sell your Phone in Las Vegas ? Want to Buy Old Cell Phones Las Vegas ? Buy Gold Las Vegas, Trader Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phones in Las Vegas. Sell Computer Las Vegas Today. Email us at [email protected] or Call us at (702) 788-7888

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Fones Gone Wild now offers amazingly low priced used iPhones & Pre-Owned Devices! We stock most Apple products and availability changes daily. Please check this page or give us a call constantly as our stock will be updated. We carry Pre-Owned or used iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, Galaxy, Laptops, Smart watches, and more.

Don’t Get Scammed On Craigslist or Offer-Up! Buy From Us!

We all want a great deal for a device. Craigslist and Offer-up are great options but carry a great risk. There are too many scammers out there who will take your hard earned money without a thought. After the transaction, there is nothing you can do. You will pay for a $600 phone and end up with a $100 brick. Let us explain. Most scammers will sell you a new device, and without the proper checks, they can lock your device, report it stolen, or stop paying for the device while it’s on a payment plan. They may even have accounts that get locked to the phone they don’t know the passwords to. Why go through all that hassle and danger to meet someone you don’t know? Eliminate those risk by buying and selling with us.

Great Prices! Business you can trust! 3 Month Warranty!

We will give you a great device at a great price. Yes, we warranty and stand behind all our devices and repairs! Buying a pre-owned device is not bad but what if you buy a device from a private party on offer up, craigslist, or eBay and if the device were to fail, what are you to do? Well, our devices carry a 3-month warranty! Unless you have dropped and broke your device you are covered for any defects or issues that were not your fault.


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90 Days warranty included with most of our repairs