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Phone Unlock Services Las Vegas
We effortlessly unlock cell phones

Need more reason to unlock your cell phone?

When you’re ready for a trade-in or resale,it’s price can jump up to 30% in valuecompared to a locked one. It is also easy to sell since most people find it to their favor.

Safe & Legal Unlocking Service

Our sim unlock service is completely legal and secure, and will not affect your phone warranty or performance.

Increased Value Of Your Phone

Easily pass on your unlocked phone to a friend or family member if you need to, as well as sell it for a higher value if you decide to change models in the future.

Use Your Phone With Any Network

Unlock your Phone Today

Most devices come locked to the carrier it was purchased from. This is done to make you less likely to leave them and change companies, but the manufacturers like Samsung and Apple want you to use your phone wherever. Fones Gone Wild communicates with these companies through servers designed to generate the code specific to your model and serial number. As these codes come from the manufacturers themselves, these are factory unlocks which means unlocked for life, even if you completely erase and restore your phone, you can still use whatever carrier you choose.

Factory Unlocks are the best and only unlocks Fones Gone Wild will do. There are many stores out there offering fast temporary unlocks through the use of a black chip that sits under your sim. Not only is the service unreliable, you can lose your unlock just from a normal update on your phone. Factory Unlock is for LIFE and unlocks for all Carriers that share the antenna frequencies and even in other countries around the world. With no special instructions to keep the unlock, you can update your phone, give it away, restore it to factory settings, it will ALWAYS be UNLOCKED. Where else can you get commitment like that?

Carriers are getting more competitive these days making switching companies easier. What happens when the cellphone from your previous company is locked to them and can’t be used with your new choice? The answer is simple, factory unlock it with Fones Gone Wild.

Phone Unlock Services Las Vegas

Free Diagnostic

Our professional technicians are here to diagnose your electronic device for free, most evaluations take about 15 minutes to an hour. Even if you don’t know what’s going on we will.
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Fast Repairs Walk Ins Welcome

Our Techs can get most repairs done and ready in about 15-30 minutes work time. With more popular parts on stock repairs can be done while you get a coffee and relax.
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90 Days Warranty

All Repairs come with a 90 day warranty and sales come with a 30 day warranty. Our warranty covers any technical defects or any specific function issues with any parts or devices sold. Any physical or water damage does void this warranty.
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We Provide Quality Repair Services for All Gadgets

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your gadgets, depend on the professionals at Fones Gone Wild. From televisions to drones, we’re able to fix just about anything! Visit Fones Gone Wild today for fast, affordable repairs on all of your favorite gadgets.

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Fones Gone Wild Las Vegas - South offers a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with your repair!

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