Broken Glass Repair

Tablet is one of the most popular device at the moment. They’re big and equally as fragile, and can get easily dropped. At Fones Gone Wild, we specialize in tablets screen repair. We can fix any kind of tablet, Samsung, Ipad, LG, HP, etc..

Water Damage

Water Damaged Tablet? No problem, At Fones Gone Wild we have one of the highest success rates for water damage tablet restoration. One of the worst feelings is to know your device has water damage. This can happen from high humidity, dropping it in water or a spill.
Don’t worry, we have 90% success rate on water damage devices. We have the knowledge to try to make your device up and running again.

Charging Port Repair

If your Tablet’s having trouble charging your battery, or your charger loose and wiggly, it is either because your battery or charging port is bad. We fix Charging ports a lot. Average use can cause them to stop working after time. At Fones Gone Wild we can get your tablet up and running by replacing the charging port or battery.

In Need of Fast and Reliable Tablet Repair in Las Vegas?

Expert Tablet Repairs

Fones Gone Wild has the experience to repair your tablet. We can repair any tablet of all makes and models. Our work is always guaranteed and all new parts are backed by 90 days warranty. Look no further for your tablet repair needs, Fones Gone Wild has your covered!

Increase in Tablet Repair Needs

Tablets have grown in popularity. Time passed we have managed to make them a daily part of our lives. For some people, they have completely replaced the laptop or desktop. We have run into thousands of different tablet repairs from all models. If you’re in need of Tablet Repair, contact us and we will be here to help, We will find the best repair solution for your tablet.

Not All Shops Are As Skilled

Yes, you read that right. Some of these repairs require soldering of the tablet board. 80% of shops do not offer such a service. It takes a skilled & experienced technician to be able to remove an old port and install a new one without damaging the device. We have the best technicians that have been trained to handle these repairs.

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