Virus Removal

Laptop can get viruses from anywhere, sometimes they come up as pop up messages, or hide like Trojan horses. Luckily, at Fones Gone Wild, our team can get your laptop back to its original self in no time with our virus removal program. Removing viruses from your laptop can protect your data, increase speed, and make for an overall happier experience.

Windows / Apple Installation

Forgotten password on your computer? Your computer running slow? Do you want to fresh start?
At Fones Gone Wild we can install Windows or Apple operation system and be sure the price you get is the lowest in town.
Bring it down we will help you to get around forgotten password, oh and yes, we can save the data!

Screen Replacement

Laptop screens break just like any other device. At Fones Gone Wild we offer Screen / display repairs. The fastest way to get your screen replaced is to bring your laptop to one of our location. Our tech will locate the model and order the part for your laptop. As soon as the part arrives we repair the laptop in the same day.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive or SSD(Solid State Drive) upgrade can increase two main things, the memory, so you can store more data and speed of the system. To increase speed of your laptop the best thing is to upgrade your laptop hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD). If your hard drive fails or you just want to upgrade to a better hard drive or SSD bring your laptop to Fones Gone Wild.

RAM Upgrade

For us that multitasks RAM is important part of your laptop.
It can cause your laptop run slow or lag, when doing many things at once.
Most laptop are upgradeable and Fones Gone Wild can professionally install and seat your RAM.

DC Jack / charging port Battery

If your laptop is having trouble charging or your battery is not lasting for more than a few hours, it is either because your battery or charging port is bad. We fix Charging ports a lot, average use can cause them to stop working after time. At Fones Gone Wild we can get your laptop up and running by replacing the charging port or battery.

Las Vegas Laptop/Macbook Air & Macbook Pro Repair

Mac & PC

Diagnostics YES ITS FREE!

In need of an honest and fair Las Vegas computer repair & diagnostic? We start our computer repairs with a FREE diagnostic. One of our technicians will diagnose your laptop or your device. We will run a diagnostic test to make sure all your laptop run good. They will spot the problem and provide a course of action for your laptop repair.

Leading The Las Vegas Computer Repair Community

New PC’s and Laptops release every year. New technologies are introduced constantly, and we have to stay on top of our game to understand these technologies. Our team have seen most of all these computers. Whether you have a Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP, or Mac we can help with diagnostic and fix the problem. Be confident we will find the best solution for you.

Parts Sourcing For Your Computer Repair

There are thousands of models of Laptop. We have distributors for different types of Laptop parts, only using the best quality. We can still save your Laptop! All parts come with Fones Gone Wild warranty and we will work with you every step of the way.

Virus & Malware Removal

Hackers are always on the hunt to look for preys. Whether you caught a virus via surfing the web, opened an unwanted email, or accidentally downloaded a program, we can get that nasty bug out of your computer. Still skeptical? There are millions of viruses that are floating around the web to find a host. While, it’s an annoying thing to have your computer working at less than 100%, we know just the right way to get that virus out of your computer to make it work as if it was brand new again.

Are some of these problems consistently occurring to your computer?

  • Web browser lockups and errors
  • Internet or email access is a lot slower
  • Blue screen, system lockups, and freezing
  • Excessive pop-up ads
  • Won’t start or slow performance
  • Rebooting
  • Home page is changed

If so, stop by our shop and let us remove that virus out! Whether your computer is a Mac or a PC, we have the right tools and state of the art softwares to terminate it once and for all. Don’t let the hacker win! Get that virus out of your hands!

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We Guarantee Our Service & Parts

90 Days warranty included with most of our repairs

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samaura brownsamaura brown
22:42 12 Jul 23
I paid my deposit for my screen repair, but they didn’t have the screen that day. They ordered it and had it for me the next day. I wasn’t able to make it for a few days, and they kept my screen for me. The repair was done same day in a reasonable amount of time. They were professional in every interaction I had with them, and I highly recommend. 10/10 thanks so much!
kyle szydlokyle szydlo
01:07 11 Jul 23
10/10. Brent called me and told me everything upfront and asked a few questions. Everyone was helpful
James BurnetteJames Burnette
14:37 16 May 23
I was in town on business and was having trouble with my phone charging. They helped me out and fix the problem cheap. Also wonderful costumer service
I been going here for years and my good friend Brenton always treat me with respect and kindness.Brenton and the owners will bend over backwards to make you a happy customer!!
Hanny RiveraHanny Rivera
04:14 23 Jan 23
Thank you for fixing my computer so quick! Good quality and prices are great!
kimber woolridgekimber woolridge
23:01 06 Oct 22
These guys are phone gurus!This was 2nd time I needed phone repair. Both times it was fixed and back in my hands same day under $100.00Incredible! Thank you!!!