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Eight iPhone Hacks That You Must Know

There is a saying that “whatever man built can be taken apart.” Just as companies hire teams of people to come up with ways to improve the security of technologies, there are people devoting themselves to cracking those virtual fortresses. There are even companies who take on “ex-hackers” to improve their technology.
The underground markets for stolen phones are still alive and well. A civilian consumer may at first think someone took their phone just to take over the use of it but nowadays a smartphone can potentially sing like a canary giving away your banking information, your social media passwords, your identity. Then there’s another market: taking phones to dissect for the technology. The days of petty thuggery might be taking a back burner for the new generation already accustomed to fast-paced virtual life. Teens with time might like nothing more than to take apart your phone, and there is a chance to make money in the underworld doing it.

8 iPhone Hacks

If you’re like me and my car buddies, you can’t wait to start customizing. Here are ten iPhone hacks to keep you cooler than the Jones’:


Click Settings > General > Passcode Lock allows you customize your passcode into something more elaborate than your entering your birthday

Verify Text

Want to verify when something was sent? Simply hold your finger to the screen of your message thread and swipe left.

The Monitoring Fiasco

Whether you think your phone just really cares or “they” want to monitor your whereabouts, you can view what iPhone’s been recording you do via
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.

Find Tower Proximity

Out here in the wild west there are long stretches of highway lined Joshua trees, but maybe the phone service is questionable. Find out your tower proximity by dialing *3001#12345#* and put the call through to activate the phone’s Hidden Field Mode.

Fix the Home Button

For a crashed phone with a “Home” button that doesn’t seem to be helping, press the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously for a manual override restart.

Medical ID App

iPhone wants you alive! Have allergies or other important medical details? Fill in your info with iPhone’s Medical ID application. This provides people with your medical information should an emergency happen and you aren’t able to tell them yourself. It’s in the same spot as the emergency call option.

Saving Data

Another Data saving hack, go to Settings > Cellular > Switch off Wi-Fi Assist to adjust your iPhone when your phone feeds on Wifi

Revealing Mysterious Callers

1. If you prefer to ignore unknown numbers, take out the mystery by using the “i” icon by the number in question on your “Recents list”, select “Share Contact”. Identify in Truecaller will run a scan once you select it and reveal the caller.

The Truth About Hackers

Not to get too psychological but when we consider the cultural norms of finding ways to avoid our youth, regarding them as a nuisance at times… what qualms would they have about learning to hack the phones of adults? My point here being that if a person has more time than scruples, and is techy, that might be a recipe for creating a hacker.

We start out with the more sinister motives but what about those who just want a custom tailor-made set up on their particular phone? As a former mechanic, my colleagues and I were always finding ways to “modify” cars, including the security of them. For a middle-aged car with no alarm, we might pull a trick like removing the ignition fuse in the electrical system whenever it’s parked. This disables the ignition and therefore prevents the car from starting if you were trying to do a basic steal job.Newer cars are run with more sealed systems and computer brains than an older car with an electric system, but again, there will always be people with time to figure it out.

iPhone Loyalty

iPhone is always going to announce if there is an upgrade on their phone’s security, it makes them sound like they are abreast of the latest concerns and assures their consumers of protection against this or that hack. However easy someone might regard hacking an iPhone might vary but the level of devotion from iPhone lovers never seems to waver even in the face of cracked screens and identity theft. We see the newsfeeds flood with photos and check-ins of people camping outside of stores not yet open containing their latest Holy Grail of Mobiles.

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