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Fix My HTC Cell Phone

Here at Fones Gone Wild our team is ready and prepared to fix your HTC Phone, if it’s an old HTC Desire, HTC Evo, HTC One Or Even The New HTC One M8, We Carry Everything in stock, HTC Screens, HTC Batteries, Even HTC Wifi Antennas for wifi lost are all in stock.

HTC Phones are Rising, Were Here to Fix Them!

Alongside the battle of popularity rises the HTC. It’s a modest cell phone with a robust design that stands out from its competition. Unlike the Samsung and iPhone, many HTC cell phones are carefully designed to withstand blows. They’re durable and incredible in performance. Just like Samsung phones, HTC uses an Android operating system for optimal performance. Never feel out of the loop with apps as you can still benefit the same features as other phones.

But what happens when your phone gets damaged? If you’re an HTC 10 user, HTC provides an Uh Oh program that easily replaces your HTC cell phone whether it was damaged from water or it was dropped. Still, what if you don’t qualify for the warranty program? The good news is that Fones Gone Wild is available for all your phone repair issues.

We focus on repairing your HTC cell phone so that you’re back to using it again like normal! No job is too hard for us to do as we are skilled in phone repair solutions. Do you have a cracked screen? We can fix it for you. Do you have a water damaged HTC phone? We’ve got you covered.

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