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Every year, Apple comes out with a new operating system that tops the previous one. iOS 7 brought us a new and improved design of the iPhone. iOS 8 and 9 introduced us to features we couldn’t imagine could get any better. iOS 10 is set to be released later this year, and includes the biggest upgrade to iMessage we’ve ever seen! In the prior operating systems, iMessage was given a voice with the option to send audio messages. Now, iMessage is being brought to life.

Handwritten Notes

Texters can handwrite a message in a notepad in the messaging app then send it to the recipient of their choice. The recipient of that message will not only receive a handwritten note but will see the note being written by that person. As the sender is writing out the message, the notepad will record the finger movement and play it back for the receiver to watch the message be written out!

Digital Feelings

Any text message sent can now express a particular emotion through a button and animation. With a ‘slam’, ‘loud’, or ‘gentle’ option, the message being sent can express the feeling you are trying to encrypt into the words over the screen with a graphic. ‘Slam’ for example will fiercely send the message into the chat area scattering the previous messages around.

Full-Screen Animations

Sending a birthday message or the invite to a night out with the girls at the club now is brought to life with graphics that shoot across the screen when the message is opened. Confetti, balloons, and lasers are some of the options released that can encompass a fun way to express an event!

Emojified Words

Sending a word accompanied with an emoji is no longer the cool thing to do because the emoji replaces the word. Let’s say you send a message saying ‘Let’s grab a pizza after basketball?’. Instead of sending the pizza and basketball emoji, ‘pizza’ and ‘basketball’ will become highlighted, and when tapped you can choose to replace the word! Time for decoding messages!

Invisible Ink

This is the coolest feature of the iOS 10 update, I believe. You can send any picture or message and choose the ‘Invisible Ink’ option. When the recipient of your message opens the iMessage app, the message will appear cloudy and unreadable. That is when the receiver will run their finger across the message to reveal it contents!

With all of these innovative features, texting is being brought to the next level with fun and interactive options.


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