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Five Reasons To Purchase an HTC 10

So, you might be that one person on the planet that doesn’t necessarily care about the hype for an iPhone or Samsung. You just want a phone that is durable and easy to use. After all, our phones are made for communication, right? Why does it have to be so complicated? We’re sure that you’ve heard it on the commercials already, but the HTC takes in a different platform. It uses and Android operating system so you can be sure to experience the same apps and technology as other phone users. Still, why should you give the HTC 10 a try?

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Your Five Reasons to Try and HTC 10

  1. There are glass, plastic and metal phones on the market, but if you want something sturdy, you go for the metal ones! While the Apple did an incredible job with their iPhone 6S, nothing is comparable to the finish, design and fit of the HTC 10.
  2. The front-face camera is with an optical image stabilization. If you’re an avid selfie taker, this is for you! This feature helps with capturing your photos with less blur.
  3. Phones made by LG and Samsung are supported with a microSD card, but none of them have an adaptable storage. What’s so good about it? You can merge your microSD card with your phone’s internal storage. What’s more to love than expanding your storage?
  4. If you’re all about high security, you want a fingerprint scanner with you. It allows you to unlock your phone without having to type anything on the keyboard. It’s easy and highly useful.
  5. If you purchase an HTC 10 directly from the store, you can take advantage of their Free Uh Oh Protection plan. Competing brands like Google, Samsung and Apple charges for accidental damages, but HTC doesn’t. They would replace your phone if it suffered from water damage or a broken screen. But what if you never have to use your protection plan? No problem! They will give you $100 towards your next HTC purchase!
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