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Ultimate Smartphone Protection Guide: Preventive Accessories & Tips

In a world where smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, keeping our devices protected is paramount. Fones Gone Wild, a trusted name in the realm of cellphone repairs in Las Vegas, presents the Ultimate Smartphone Protection Guide. Discover a wealth of preventive accessories and tips to safeguard your investment and ensure your smartphone stays in peak condition.

Durable Phone Cases: The foundation of smartphone protection begins with a durable and high-quality phone case.

Fones Gone Wild offers a range of cases that not only provide robust protection against drops and impacts but also add a touch of style to your device. From rugged cases for outdoor enthusiasts to sleek designs for urban professionals, there’s a perfect case for every lifestyle.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors: The vulnerability of smartphone screens to scratches and cracks is a common concern. Fones Gone Wild recommends the use of tempered glass screen protectors, a transparent layer that adds an extra barrier against scratches, smudges, and minor impacts. These protectors maintain the clarity and touch sensitivity of your screen while ensuring longevity.

Water-Resistant Cases: Accidents happen, and water damage is a leading cause of smartphone malfunctions. Fones Gone Wild introduces water-resistant cases that provide an extra layer of defense against unexpected spills, rain, or accidental drops into the water. These cases are engineered to keep your device dry without compromising functionality.

Impact-Resistant Phone Pouches: For those constantly on the move, impact-resistant phone pouches offer a convenient and secure solution. Fones Gone Wild’s selection of pouches is designed to absorb shocks and protect your smartphone from the wear and tear of daily activities. Keep your device safe while maintaining easy access with these stylish and functional pouches.

Anti-Bacterial Screen Protectors: In an era where cleanliness is a top priority, Fones Gone Wild introduces anti-bacterial screen protectors. These protectors not only guard your screen against scratches but also feature an anti-bacterial coating that helps reduce the spread of germs on your smartphone’s surface. Stay protected and hygienic with this innovative accessory.

Customizable Skins: Express your personality while adding an extra layer of protection with customizable skins. Fones Gone Wild offers a range of skins that not only enhance the visual appeal of your device but also protect it from minor scratches and scuffs. Choose from a variety of designs or create your own to make your smartphone uniquely yours.

Regular Device Checkups: Prevention is key, and regular checkups are essential to maintaining your smartphone’s health. Fones Gone Wild recommends periodic inspections of your device, checking for any signs of wear, loose components, or potential issues. Timely identification of problems can prevent major repairs down the line.

Update Software Regularly: Software updates not only bring new features but also address security vulnerabilities. Fones Gone Wild emphasizes the importance of keeping your smartphone’s software up to date. Regular updates ensure that your device is equipped with the latest security patches, reducing the risk of malware and unauthorized access.

Data Backup Solutions: Protect your valuable data by regularly backing up your smartphone. Fones Gone Wild emphasizes the importance of cloud-based backup solutions, ensuring that your photos, contacts, and important files are safely stored. In the event of a device malfunction or loss, having a recent backup ensures that you can seamlessly restore your data to a new device.

Safe Charging Practices: Charging your smartphone is a routine task, but Fones Gone Wild reminds users of the importance of safe charging practices. Use genuine chargers and cables to avoid damage to your device’s battery. Avoid overcharging, and if possible, invest in smart chargers that regulate power flow for optimal battery health.

Professional Repairs at Fones Gone Wild: Despite all preventive measures, accidents can happen. In the unfortunate event of a malfunction or damage, trust Fones Gone Wild for professional cellphone repairs in Las Vegas. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in repairing a wide range of smartphone issues, from cracked screens to water damage, ensuring your device is in capable hands.


Your smartphone is more than just a device; it’s an essential part of your daily life. Protecting it goes beyond physical safeguards; it involves adopting a holistic approach that includes accessories, preventive measures, and professional services. Fones Gone Wild, your trusted partner in cellphone repairs in Las Vegas, offers a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure your smartphone remains in peak condition. Follow the Ultimate Smartphone Protection Guide to safeguard your investment and enjoy a worry-free digital experience.

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