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How Your Smartphone Contracts Viruses

Consumers can be fooled to false security when it comes to downloading and using electronics. Many of us are under the impression that if we go to reputable sites, we are safe. But the truth is, you are misled. Viruses meant for computers are driving us to install more firewalls and shell out hundred of dollars to protect ourselves from identity exposures. Now, our cell phones are the new computers. As for many cell phone repair shops like us, we think that it’s a new era for technology. Now, phones are prone to viruses just like computers. But how exactly do you contract them? A cell phone repair shop like us has the answer to that question.

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The World of the Internet

We all know that the web is full of traps. But did you know that your cell phone can contract viruses from it too? Be very careful in downloading your favorite show or music from websites that promise you that particular content. In many cases, you’ll get a malicious file along with detrimental data. If your phone is not equipped with an antivirus protection, your phone could become corrupted.

Unfamiliar Applications

Some applications will prompt you to terms and conditions agreement, and it’s safe to say that we don’t always read them thoroughly. Within those small prints, you’re releasing your social media accounts, location, photos, email, and texts. Viruses can easy tap into that information and extort you when needed. This is why it’s always safe to add a virus scanner into your phone to warn you of possible threats.

Attachments From Messages

Familiar texts and emails from your peers are not a threat which makes it so easy for you to open them upon reception. Sadly, if you have a virus on your phone, they can act as a familiar text or friendly email to bait you into clicking them. Again, this is where an anti-virus for cell phone comes in handy.