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3 Essential Reasons Why You Should Always Use Find My iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably have heard of an app called Find My iPhone. This feature helps you track your phone when it’s been lost or stolen. But did you know that it has more important features?

The following are three benefits to using the Find My iPhone app:

Informs People to Find You

When people lose their phone, the first thing they think about is how they’ll be found. Fortunately, Apple makes it so easy for people to find you by creating custom messages. This message will be displayed on the screen when it’s illuminated. Regardless of what message you choose, you can be sure that your message is delivered. If you lose your phone, try posting, “Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX!” or “Please drop off my phone at the nearest police station in ____.”

Goodbye to Your Credit Card Information

Apple Wallet makes it easy for you to make a purchase in an instant. Because your financial information is linked to that app, it’s understandable to panic. Still, when you use Find My iPhone, Apple will make sure that they look at your Apple Wallet to suspend all activities when it’s set to Lost Mode.

Your Information is Protected

Often, people freak out when they lose their phone because of the information they stored in there. The good news is that Find My iPhone will protect it from authorized users. So if it falls into the wrong hands, you can be sure that your information is secure.

When you misplace your phone, immediately locate your phone by activating it to Lost Mode. This feature will deny anyone to use the phone unless they can enter the four-digit code. Because of this, the device is protected until your phone is returned.


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