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Ned B. - Owner - Fones Gone Wild

Fones Gone Wild started off as a cell phone accessory store in 2008. We were often found in prime malls carrying a vast collection of accessories that catered to different types of personalities. What began as an accessory kiosk, turned out to be so much more than we had anticipated. Having said that, we’ve come across a variety of clients requesting us to service their cell phone issues. After a year of expertising in such a business, we decided to open our first cell phone repair center. It’s been about six years since our adventurous beginnings and we still continue to grow by opening two new locations conveniently found in Meadows Mall and UNLV. Our team of professionals and customer support work hard to answer your questions, and they provide excellent services to cater your cell phone needs. It is with great joy and pride to see our guests leave our stores looking very satisfied with their fully functional phones at hand.

At Fones Gone Wild, we are committed to providing all our customers with excellent services by being fully knowledgeable of all your cell phone questions and issues. We believe that knowledge is power, and simultaneously providing our clients with exceptional customer service is important. Our customers visit our store for a variety of reasons from cell phone repairs to purchasing the perfect accessory. Our goal is to only provide our guests with quality service so that it is not only an easy process, but an enjoyable one too.

We’ve gained a solid consumer base with people coming in regularly for quick servicing or referrals. They come back with the knowledge that they are our number one priority, and that we can to fix their cell phone issues. Our highly skilled technicians value each client’s time so they only provide 100% efficiency. Nonetheless, if your phone, tablet or laptop needs repairing, head on over to us! Fones Gone Wild is your number one choice for all your communication needs.

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