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Don’t Neglect Your iPhone with a Cracked Screen!

It’s a scenario that many iPhone users dread: the slip of a hand, the descent to the ground, and the heart-sinking sound of a cracking screen. In a city that’s always on the move like Las Vegas, where the pace of life is as fast as the roulette wheels, time is money and your phone is your lifeline. A cracked screen can seem like a minor annoyance, but it can quickly escalate into a significant problem. At Fones Gone Wild, a leader in phone repair in Las Vegas, the experts understand the urgency and importance of getting your device back in prime condition. Here’s why you should never neglect an iPhone with a cracked screen.

The Risks of a Cracked iPhone Screen

1) Compromised Structural Integrity: The integrity of your iPhone’s screen is vital for its overall functionality. A crack in the screen can weaken the structure, making it more susceptible to further damage. The more you delay the repair, the worse the damage could get, potentially leading to a more costly fix.

2) Potential for Injury: A cracked screen could lead to small shards of glass that may cause injury. Every swipe over a damaged screen increases the risk of a cut finger, and let’s face it, swiping is as frequent as blinking these days.

3) Water and Dust Ingress: The iPhone’s screen is the first line of defense against external elements. A crack can allow dust and moisture to seep into the internals, leading to more serious issues than just unresponsive touch input.

4) Diminished Resale Value: Aesthetics matter, especially if you plan to resell your iPhone in the future. A cracked screen can significantly reduce the resale value of your phone. In a competitive market like Las Vegas, maintaining your device’s appearance is key.

5) Impaired Functionality: From disrupted touch functionality to erratic behavior, a cracked screen can affect how you interact with your phone. This can hinder productivity and the overall user experience.

The Fones Gone Wild Solution

Recognizing the risks associated with a cracked iPhone screen, Fones Gone Wild offers comprehensive cellphone repairs in Las Vegas. Their skilled technicians are equipped to handle screen repairs swiftly and efficiently. Here’s why you should choose Fones Gone Wild for your repair needs:

1) Expertise: With a team of highly trained professionals, Fones Gone Wild is well-versed in the intricacies of iPhone screens, ensuring that your phone is in capable hands.

2) Quality Parts: Using only the highest quality replacement parts, they guarantee that your screen repair will last, restoring your iPhone’s clarity and responsiveness.

3) Quick Turnaround: Time is of the essence, and at Fones Gone Wild, they understand that. They offer quick turnaround times for phone repair in Las Vegas, getting you back to your busy life with minimal disruption.

4) Warranty on Repairs: Confidence in their work allows Fones Gone Wild to provide a warranty on repairs, giving you peace of mind that the service and parts are reliable.

5) Convenience: With a convenient location and customer-focused service, getting your iPhone fixed is as simple as walking in and letting the experts take over.

6) Enhanced Usability: A phone with a cracked screen often has touch sensitivity issues. Repairing your screen restores functionality, ensuring that every tap, swipe, and pinch is registered accurately.

7) Avoiding Additional Costs: Immediate repair can often prevent additional damage that can be far more expensive to fix. For instance, a crack that compromises the LED layer beneath the glass could result in the entire display needing replacement, not just the glass.

8) Maintaining Screen Clarity: Your iPhone’s display is designed to deliver vibrant, clear images and text. A cracked screen can distort the display quality, making it difficult to view content or strain your eyes over time.

9) Keeping Your iPhone’s Performance Optimal: The iPhone is a finely tuned machine where all components work in harmony. A cracked screen can throw off this balance, potentially affecting the overall performance of your device.

10) Safety First: Beyond the obvious inconvenience, a damaged screen can potentially expose your phone’s internal circuitry to external threats, posing safety risks such as short-circuiting, which can cause harm to both the device and the user.


Neglecting a cracked iPhone screen can lead to a cascade of issues, from minor annoyances to major complications. In a city that thrives on connectivity and speed, don’t let a cracked screen slow you down. Fones Gone Wild stands out as the go-to destination for phone repair in Las Vegas, ensuring that your device receives the care and repair it needs promptly and professionally. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse it could get. So, take action and get that screen fixed to keep your iPhone—and your life—running smoothly.



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