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Essential Phone Accessories

Everything in life needs accessories. It is a way to decorate your life and create a look that is unique to your personality. From your house to your car, you buy things to spruce it up, and make it your own. So why not do it for your cell phone? Sure you may have a case on it, but is that enough? We have five essential phone accessories that will make your phone prepared and trendy!

Selfie Stick

Whether you are on a vacation with family or out with friends, it can be hard to capture that perfect group picture; someone’s head is cut off or you can’t see the beautiful landscape in the background. If you have endured this problem in the past, then it is time to invest in a selfie stick. This beautiful invention allows you to attach your phone to a retractable metal pole; that extends far beyond the average person’s arms reach. This gives you the perfect shot for any of your picture perfect moments.

Portable Charger

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been out and about, running errands, and I go to use my phone and BAM, dead battery. I didn’t think to bring my charger as I was expecting my phone to outlast the endurance of a long days worth of work. After investing in a portable charger, I have yet to suffer the death of a battery. These mini gadgets are relatively cheap, can fit almost anywhere, and give your phone a high charge while on the go.

Bluetooth Speaker

We can all agree that phone speakers by themselves are not the loudest. They weren’t created to give us the experience of a concert within the width of a centimeter. Thankfully Bluetooth speakers were! A Bluetooth speaker gives your phone the ability to connect with a wireless speaker and play your music. You can bring a Bluetooth speaker with you on the beach, to a park, pretty much anywhere!

Selfie Lighting Case

Everyone has been victim to poor camera lighting once in their lives. You go to open your camera, and it is grainy beyond belief or darker than night. No matter the case, it could never get resolved, and you would have to miss out on a good photograph. This ‘self-lighting’ phone case illuminates a light around the camera giving it a sublime photo finish that won’t need any tweaking or editing.


Just like for your bicycle, a kickstand for your phone is a real thing. By attaching the object to the back of your phone, you instantly have a hands-free propping device for when you don’t feel like holding up your phone. This especially comes in handy while you are on a long plane ride, you easily prop your phone on the tray table in front of you and enjoy your flight with comfort.

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