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Youtube Removed a GTA Mod Video Because Samsung Made Them

Samsung is not having any of it! As you’ve seen on our Facebook page, we’ve been highlighting a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from overheating to blowing up in an aircraft. We can’t help but poke the fun out of the trending story because… Well, it’s one of the biggest disasters in the history of technology.

Samsung Note 7 in Grand Theft Auto V

Apparently, Grand Theft Auto V added a mod that makes the dangerous Galaxy Note 7 into an explosive device. Samsung didn’t see the humor in this, so they’re trying to wipe GTA’s promotional video from the Internet. A DMCA has been issued that is targeting the Youtube video showcasing the mod that’s featuring grenade-like abilities. It is in the best interest to poke the fun on the phone’s PR crisis, but Samsung didn’t find it humorous at all.

Granade-like Phone

The “grenade phone” was made by HitmanNiko which was a parody of an unfortunate circumstance. No copies were made. Still, Samsung is filing for a copyright claim. In turn, the YouTube video that was uploaded earlier this month has been withdrawn.

Currently, it’s unclear whether its original uploader filed an appeal towards Samsung’s request. Fortunately for us, copies of the video remain available for viewing. Click on the link here to direct you to the video. In our opinion, instead of hunting down YouTube users, it should use its resources towards the millions of customers who still walk around with the device.

Any of you have thoughts on this matter? Did Samsung go a little overboard on this video or was it the right move for them?

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