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The Human Evolution To The ‘Phone Walk’

Did you know that walking while using your phone affects the way you maneuver? This is not the only way that makes us less sedentary.

We’ve all seen those people: eyes glued to their phone, head down, and finger flipping through their screen. They’re most likely applying some Instagram filters on a selfie they just took, but regardless, it can be dangerous to do such a thing. Some actually do this on the street without running precautionary measures.

As it turns out, walking while phone browsing is changing the way your body moves. The University of Delaware conducted a study that asked volunteers to dial on their phone while they were on a treadmill. What did they find out? Well, their gait tremendously changed so that they reduce the chance of tripping.

What does that mean? Well, for starters it looks funny to see people walking with their head down on a screen. The second point is, it makes you look silly while walking. What are some of those ‘funny’ little features that will set you apart while texting and walking?

Text Neck

The text neck is sometimes referred to as the iPosture. We know, it sounds like an app, but it’s actually terrible for you. The text neck applies strain to your neck by adding extra pounds. For example, if your neck is at a 15-degree tilt, you’ll be putting an extra 27 lbs.

Screen Sightedness

Opticians warned that the blue light found on the screen is hazardous to the eyes as it can lead to eye damages. Myopia is linked to computers and mobile devices making your eyes dry and it can cause headaches.

Text Claws

While this might sound like an evolutionary result towards advancement, it’s actually a bad thing. We can all see this example from what happened to the users of Pokemon Go. The cramping and soreness of the fingers are all linked to text claws. In fact, many users suffer from such an issue as 26 million Britons have reported they feel pain from gadget use.

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