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The iPhone X and its Competitors

Good for Apple, their iPhones have already been in business for ten years. Thus, they skipped the 9 and released the most-awaited smartphone of the year, the iPhone X, to commemorate their 10th Anniversary.

What’ in it in the iPhone X?

Sure, the latest iPhone has so many new features to brag about that are enough to turn the enemies down. But what’s so exciting about this new smartphone for Apple fans? Is it the drastic change in the design? Is it the facial recognition feature and OLED technology used for the first time? Here is an overview of the iPhone X and its competitors.

1. No Home Button

Not only the headphone jack is gone but also the home button. For Android phone users, they should be used to this kind of design already since the recent flagship Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have both this same kind of feature already.

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2. Camera

No doubt, the iPhone X has a more interesting camera than the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has a 12-megapixel, f/1.8 aperture for the main rear camera and the second rear camera allows optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilisation.

3. Core

Apple’s first internally-designed GPU, A11 Bionic, has some pretty serious performance that’s 25% better than the A10 which is a whopping 80% better in multi-core tests. Android phones don’t even come close.

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4. Battery

The iPhone X supports the Qi standard for wireless charging, and some Android phones have already been using Qi for years so this is the first time you can use the same charger for both brands.

The Bottom Line

The new iPhone is the best yet that Apple has. However, when compared to other Android phones, it sure still has its own pros and cons. The decision is still for you to make!

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