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The Future of Smartphones: Features to Watch Out for This Year

Technology is innovating more and more each year and smartphones are sure absorbing all these new trends and features every single time.

Smartphone Features to Expect This 2018

The world of technology has always been fast-paced, especially when it comes to smartphones. Every year, the biggest smartphone companies are launching new top-of-the-line products, and the consumers are always excited to get the latest gadgets for themselves. If you are one of those consumers, here are six smartphone features to watch out for this year.

1. LTE Advanced/5G

Expect your new smartphone to be 100 times faster than 3G while using far less bandwidth. Downloading or streaming an HD video will be as fast as how it is on your Ethernet-connected desktop PC.

2. Bending Screens

The prediction for this year’s smartphone screens is that they will be flexible to the point that they can twist and flex to conform to your body. Imagine how cool it is to sit on your phone and not break it at all.

3. All-Day Battery Life

Yeah, they keep telling us that the smartphones we currently own have longer-lasting battery life, but they still end up drained by the end of the day. This time, hopefully, they will truly be sufficient for all-day use.

4. Keys to Everything

Imagine being able to use your smartphone to ride public transit, open hotel rooms, and get into events. Very convenient, right? This 2018, NFC smartphones will become more and more usual.

5. IPS (Indoor Positioning System)

Sure, GPS has already been in use for a long time. But IPS is still a different story. We still find ourselves lost in the malls, hospitals, airports, etc. But hopefully, IPS will be further developed in the next few years to come.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to all the technological advancements we have (and we will have), our lifestyles are made easier and so much more efficient compared to the past.

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