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All Hail the Samsung S6 Cell Phone

The battle between Samsung and iPhone has started at the inception of the first touch screen cell phone. Ever since then, both phones has gained dedicated consumers who argue relentlessly to prove that each one is more admirable than the other. Upon the release of iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone was released in response to their competition. With some of their key features, it may leave Apple users feeling just a tad bit envious.

What are the key features to the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Swift Charging Time

While iPhone 6  users boasts about their fast charging phones, the Galaxy S6 is nowhere comparable to this advantage. In fact, in as little as ten minutes, this bad boy can add up hours of standby time to the phone’s battery.

Multiple Apps

Apple users has the convenience in multitasking, but it does not support two working applications together. However, the S6 allows its users to open two apps alongside one another in order to copy and paste content side by side. Pretty cool, eh?

Color Coded Phone Calls

When your phone is faced-down you can see who specifically calls you by glowing a certain color. This works effectively for those who are on your favorite contact list. Yes, that means that you can see who is calling you without actually picking up the cell phone!

TV Remote

If we haven’t surprised you yet, we think this feature will. The S6 can act as a third-party remote control. This feature will need to be compatible with certain applications alongside your streaming player.

Swift Camera

Gone are the days when you miss a completely important moment without capturing it with a photo. With the Galaxy S6, you may double tap your home button even when it is idle and it is ready to capture a photo in a fast as .7 seconds. You’ll never miss that perfect moment again!


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