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Easy Ways to Save Your Phone’s Battery Life That You’re Not Doing

Many cell phone batteries are notorious for draining so easily. It’s difficult to stay productive and communicate with peers when your phone is consistently unreliable. Tired of your phone continuously dying in the middle of the day? Before you get a battery replacement at a phone repair shop in Las Vegas, there are some battery saving techniques you can do!

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Battery Saving Tips

Ditch Automatic Brightness

Brightly lit screens are one of the biggest culprits that drain your cell phone battery. Keeping your phone on auto-brightness may sound helpful, but it doesn’t improve your battery life. Instead, manually set the brightness at a low but comfortable feature.

Dark Wallpaper

If you have an Android phone that uses an AMOLED screen, using a dark wallpaper (preferably black) will help with your cell phone’s battery life. This is because AMOLED screens illuminate only pixels that are colored. Additionally, it requires less power to light it up.

Always Use Screen Notifications

This feature helps with your phone’s battery life by allowing you to see your notifications on a locked screen. So instead unlocking it, you’ll see it up front. This feature is extremely useful for those who needs a quick glance without immediately following up.

Short Screen Timeout

Reducing your screen’s timeout will greatly help your cell phone’s battery. Set it to a reasonable period that when it becomes idle, your phone will automatically turn to sleep mode. If your phone’s timeout were set at 1 minute, it would use up four times more power compared to setting it at only 15 seconds. Think of all the power that you’re wasting.

Original Batteries Only

Purchasing a cheap battery for your cell phone may sound like a win-win, but it may affect the performance of your phone. Additionally, generic batteries are not as stable and efficient in comparison to its original counterpart. So if you’re in need of a new battery, ask your phone repair shop for an original.

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