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Cell Phone Repair Myths That You Need To Know!

When you damage your cell phone, the first thing that probably pops into your head is getting it repaired. Running to a cell phone repair shop may even cross your mind, or perhaps, you’re thinking about fixing the whole issue yourself. Whatever your preference is, there are a few cell phone repair myths that we think needs debunking!

Cell Phone Myths Debunked

Myth: Repair shops takes a few weeks to fix a phone.
Truth: We hear this myth at least once a week, and frankly it can be really nerve-wracking on our end. The truth is, many of the cell phones that we work with are repairable in a day’s worth of work. Many of our services have a same day service. This means that, you can come here in the morning and pick it up late in the afternoon. How’s that for debunking a myth?

Myth: When you drop your cell phone in water, bury it in rice to dry it out. After 24 hours, it’s as good as new!
Truth: This one always has our head shaking in many different levels. Sure, submerging your cell phone in rice may dry it out. But, it cannot absorb the moisture well enough to prevent corrosions of the motherboard.

Myth: Cell phone repair charges too much!
Truth: The price varies especially when we take different cell phones into account. Many of our cell phone repair services actually start as low as $20. We can definitely say that this is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new phone.

Myth: Repair shops do not honor carrier warranties.
Truth: Many warranties are only covered by manufacturer defects. This does not include damages like cracked screen, damaged ports or water damage.

Myth: Cracked screens will only affect that look of the cell phone.
Truth: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. A cell phone with a cracked screen can lead to many other issues like backlight malfunctions, dark spots, and discoloration.

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