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The revolution of cell phones has tremendously accelerated to profound heights. Now, cell phones are not just a means of communicating via text and talking. It is a comprehensive device used for music, photography, entertainment, and much more. Still, there are some apps that we thought we should highlight for everyone’s convenience! The following are the must-have apps that made it to our list:


Are you tired of going to different applications like CNN, Fox News, New York Times, and others to read various articles? Say “goodbye” to inconvenience with this versatile app! With just a click of a button, you’ll be able to view a personalized newsfeed! View categories from top stories to the subject of interests like science, animation, sports, and more.

Google Drive

Google Drive basically shut down the use of flash drives with their universal cloud storage. With this incredible app, you’re able to view documents, spreadsheets, photos, and much more. With all your files in one place, you can readily access them via phone or computer. While the app doesn’t replace the computer, it sure comes close to it!


Downloading songs are such a hassle! You buy the songs online and then download it on your phone. Spotify ended the use of downloading music by letting you listen to their complete library of songs! Do you have a song that you want to immediately listen to? Spotify is to the rescue! Simply search the song and listen to it within seconds.


Have you ever stumbled upon a song that you’re trying to identify? It’s a hassle to figure out the title of the song, right? In some cases, you miss the whole song, and you’re left wondering what it is. Shazam is an app developed to listen to the song and identify the title, album, and artist for you! How convenient is that?

Intuit Mint

Organizing your finances has never been so easy with Mint. It features robust results that are versatile enough to help you understand your financial efforts. It’s designed to help you access all major financial institution with just one click of a button. It’s a user-friendly app that is both secure and easy.

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