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Practicing Phone Moderation

To us, cell phones are a way to communicate to people. To others, it is a form of entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with these conceptions, we think that moderation is the best policy to exercise a healthy lifestyle. That being said, we recently stumbled upon cell phone quotes that were both dark and happy that were worth sharing.

“Putting your phone away and paying attention to those talking to you? There is an app for that — It’s called respect.”

“I like to hang out with people who make me forget to look at my phone.”

“Offline is the new luxury.”

“You cell phone has already replaced your camera, your calendar, and your alarm clock. Don’t let it replace your family.”

“Why have anyone around if your phone is more entertaining? The people in your presence either chose to be around you, or you wanted them to be around you. Don’t disrespect them. Value every moment. When they are gone, they are gone forever.”

“Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you’re with them they always have their phones in their hands.”

“You know what’s sexy? A real conversation.”

“Do you mind if I strap your phone to my forehead so I can pretend you’re looking at me when I talk?”

“If you’re mentally somewhere else, you miss real life.” -Byron Katie

“The greatest gift we give each other is the quality of our attention.” -Rachel Moss

“Wherever you are be all there” -Jim Elliot

There you have it, practice moderation! Set your phone down and live in the moment! We promise that everything else can wait! Just because we’re a cell phone repair shop, doesn’t mean that we advocate people to be on their phone at all times. Always practice moderation or you’ll out on so many things!


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