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Ways to Fix a Broken Screen but a Repairman Will Be Your Best Bet

In this day in age, cell phones are inevitable. You can’t avoid it because you’ll see it everywhere. When you’re on the go, the chances of you seeing someone browsing the web, texting, listening to their music, or talking on their cell phone is unavoidable. This is because the phone has made man’s life just so much easier. It is not only designed for talking anymore. It’s for sharing photos, playing games, communicating electronically whether that is via texting or emailing. Our cell phone is our go-to item for just about anything.

Accidents happen all the time, and that could mean dropping your cell phone. In some cases, you don’t worry because you’ve dropped it a few times and there were no signs of damage. Still, you see yourself going crazy, and possibly hyperventilate over what you just lost. “This can’t be happening!” is what you’re telling yourself, but to your worst nightmare, the unthinkable occurs. What do you do now?

Do it yourself (DIY). Some prefer to do the job themselves. So they order the parts either online and in person. Once they have the parts, they find a tutorial online to help them with this process. This is a tedious job, since cleaning up all the broken pieces can take a long time. Also, some cell phones are so specific in design that sometimes, having the parts available locally is impossible, so you’re risking the part that you’ll have to wait for your items to get shipped to your front door.

Send it into a manufacturer. So you decided that you didn’t want to repair it yourself. Some manufacturers will gladly fix your cell phone, and  sometimes at no costs to you specially when your phone falls under its warranty. The only problem about this is that you’d have to ship your cell phone to them leaving you phoneless for days until your cell phone is repaired.

Purchase a new cell phone. You broke cell phone so now you have a reason to purchase a brand new one. But then you realize that you’re so used to your old cell phone since it has all your settings, photos, and apps. Everything in there is catered to your need. Also, a new cell phone will leave you shelling out more money than all the alternatives combined.You’d have to ask yourself whether this route is the best alternative yet.

So what do you do when you don’t have the time, day or even money to do any of the three above? Send your cell phone to a repairman. This has to be the most practical way anyone can do specially when they are trained to fix whatever it is that you need. Some businesses offer a same day repair so it’s as if you never broke your phone to begin with. From there, you have all your cell phone settings, you saved so much money from buying a new one, and you saved time from either doing it yourself or shipping it off to a manufacturer.

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