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Having a problem with your cell phone? Though there are some solutions out there that you can try yourself without getting the help of a professional, don’t believe everything you read. Many myths exist and they continue to be spread around like wildfire. Here at Fones Gone Wild, we hear many crazy stories from people so we decided to set a few things straight.


Here are 4 common myths you should be aware of:

  1. Rice for Water Damaged Phones

This is a very popular one. When a phone is accidentally dropped down the toilet or into your morning mug of coffee, many of us immediately think…RICE. Though this remedy is known to work on some occasions, you must also be aware that it could actually cause more harm than good. While your phone may restore to normal functioning for the short-term, the sugars and starches in the rice leave a residue behind that slowly corrodes the motherboard of the phone. While many people seek a quick-fix and attempt to rectify the problem themselves, our best advice is to seek professional help.

  1. Cracked Screens Only Revage a Phone’s Appearance

It seems that no matter how careful you are with your cell phone, somehow, you manage to drop it, sit on it or drive over it. We’ve heard many surreal causes for cracked screens! However, if you crack your screen it causes damage internally to your phone in the long term. Essentially the longer it is left cracked, the worse it’s getting. Unfortunately, it’s not going to fix itself!

  1. Cell Phone Repairs Take Time

In most cases this is untrue. Here at Fones Gone Wild,  we understand the utter inconvenience of being without your cell phone. (It makes us think how people managed without them before their invention!!) Therefore, depending on the extent of damage to your phone, we offer services while you wait.

  1. Charging Your Phone When The Battery is not at 0% is Damaging

The batteries that are used in Samsung and Apple products are Lithium-ion batteries and they actually perform better when the battery is maintained at a high percentage. Studies have shown that if you constantly let the battery drain to 0% before charging it, your phone will become unstable.

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