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Battery Was the Cause of Malfunction in Samsung Note 7

After the public’s outcry for answers, a Samsung Electronics Co Ltd investigation has concluded that the battery was the cause of the fire in the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung, one of the largest producers of smartphones is putting the flop behind them as they make way for their flagship, Galaxy S8. It’s predicted to launch sometime in the first half of the year as they hope that everyone forgets about the biggest safety failures in the technological industry.

Analysts and investors are now saying that Samsung needs to provide a detailed and convincing explanation as to what unraveled. Now, it’s Samsung’s objective to probe on the issue and make sure that the events don’t recur.

Head of Samsung’s business, Koh Dong-jin is likely to announce the results as the company provides light to the issue.

Last year, Samsung recalled a total of 2.5 million Note 7. They identified that the cause of the problem was due to the manufacturing process at one of their suppliers. The supplier was later identified, Samsung SDI Co Ltd.

After the recall, a new batch of Samsung Note 7s was released. They were said to be from a different supplier, but the phones continue to catch on fire. Because of this, the company was forced to stop sales and demand for a recall again. The phone blew $5.2 billion of estimated profit.

An insider has said that it seems surprising to place the blame on the supplier. Samsung probably didn’t provide enough room for the battery to cool off inside.

Ultimately, when not all phones were turned in, Samsung was forced to come up with a system update that forces the phone to become inoperable.

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