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Five Ways to Know if You Need a Technology Detox

We work in the phone industry, and we understand how important it is to everyone. But sometimes, we need to take a break, and just see the world without the device. Just last summer, one of our staff visited Yosemite Park and was awestruck by stunning views. To his dismay, everyone around him was on their cellphone instead of admiring the views. Yep, they were going through the filters to produce the best image to share on social media. Wouldn’t it just make sense if they dropped their phones, and took in every second of the moment?

If you think you have an unhealthy relationship with technology, chances are, you might. The following are ways to distinguish if you’re in need of a cellphone detox.

1. Social media is always in your plans. If you’re doing things to simply make your social media account admirable, you may have a problem. Are you always thinking of witty ways to post on Facebook or Instagram?

2. You’ve had a change in posture. We’re talking to the slouchers, hunchers, and those who round their shoulders forward. If you have pain on the wrist, neck, or back, you could blame technology for that.

3. You never finish any article you read without flipping through something else. Your attention span seems to dwindle down even when your news feed is flooded with enticing articles.

4. You want to find experiences on a screen every single second. In fact, the highlight of your day often involves a device in hand. This means, you’re always trying to record everything whether that’s videos or photos.

5. Your meals involve technology. In fact, your phone is always next to you. There’s always pressure in immediately replying to texts even when you’re spending quality time with family and friends.

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