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You can love or hate the iPhone, but that won’t stop Apple from producing brand new ones almost every year. So while the iPhone 6S was released just last month, we can almost be sure that the next iPhone 7 will be released on September 2016. The following are the rumors about the iPhone 7 that will leave you wanting to get it next year.

No Home Button

You read that correctly. One of the things that sets the iPhone apart from many smartphones is its popular circular home button. It will be replaced by the 3D touch which can be seen from the iPhone 6S. If they get rid of the home button, it will give more room for other features that could be added for the iPhone 7.

Thinnest iPhone Released

You were probably thinking that the iPhone 6 was the thinnest one yet, but rumor has it that the iPhone 7 will be thinner in size. The thickness of the phone will be approximately, 6-mm to 6.50mm. It all sounds profound as the iPhone 6 is actually 7-mm in thickness. So, seeing the difference in thickness will be very interesting.

Thinner Headphone Jack

Apple might make a whole new headphone jack just for the iPhone 7. They’ve already been granted the patents for such. Like the home button, it could save more space for new innovation. While the new jack might come to a surprise to regular headphone users, adapters will be available.

Wireless Charging

Apple has applied for a patent entitled “Inductive Power Transfer Using Acoustic or Haptic Devices” which basically sums up wireless charging using its vibration engine to relocate power to its battery. So, those wireless chargers that you see on some Starbucks might be a thing that will become a reality for many Apple users soon enough.

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