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Signs that You Might Be a Cell Phone Addict

Our cell phone is one of the best thing that has ever been invented. It keeps us connected even though our families are oceans apart. We are always welcome to stay connected via text messages, phone calls, email, video, and picture messaging. Communication is endless nowadays, and there’s almost no reason to be out of touch. While being on the phone sounds normal, there are some people who exhibit a more serious case that we like to call addiction. If you’re not too sure if you have this issue, these are just some signs that could enlighten you.

Tell-Tale Signs You Are a Cell Phone Addict

You’re constantly holding your cell phone. Everywhere you go, your phone is at hand. When it’s not in your hands, it’s around your vicinity where it is easily attainable. Parting with their phone is very difficult as they would feel disconnected from the digital world.

Checking again and again. You just checked your email a minute ago, but then five minutes later, you want to check it again. Missing news is not something you want to ever go through.

Your cell phone is your restroom pal. This might seem a little disturbing, but taking your phone as far as going to the toilet is one of the things that cell phone addicts exhibit. When someone is on the phone texting or talking on the phone, they tend to take a longer bathroom break as they are too consumed with whatever they are being attached to.

You bid your good morning and goodnight to cell phone. The first thing you do when you wake up is think of your cell phone. Who texted me? Or did I get a missed call? is what you want to know first. And when it’s time for bed, you’re often consumed by it.

You lack sleep. You don’t always get a good night rest because you took your time being on the phone browsing the web or digitally communicating your friends. It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re so absorbed by all of the things happening in front of your screen.

These are just some signs that will help you pinpoint whether you have a problem or not. And if you feel that you do, step back, and tune off for a moment. Try one day of not being on your cell phone, and see how liberating every moment is!

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