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A New Selfie Phone by LuMee

LuMee is a phone case that is loved by the most famous Kim K., who abruptly left the face of social media after a robbery incident. Or perhaps she was paid to love the cases. Regardless, because Kim seems to be on hiatus, LuMee needs to come up with something witty to fill in the void. So they came up with a LuMee 2 phone case in light of the supermoon that is happening tonight.

If you are familiar with LuMee, it’s a company that creates phone cases with particular attention to selfies. In doing so, they focus on better lighting. To some phone case reviews, it’s a bit of a mix reaction. As noted, it’s one of those cases that are oh-so-difficult to pry off; it also feel likes your phone would shatter upon force. So, whether Kim K. was pay to love, we’ll never know.

Nonetheless, if you’re one of those people who are into selfies, this might work for you. Who doesn’t want extra lighting especially when you want to look on-point?

LuMee claims that LuMee 2 is 93% brighter than the first release and its great with iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. The total of it costs $59.95 and are available in a variety of different colors like white, black, rose gold and glossy white.

Wait, but what does that have to do with the supermoon tonight? We think because it’s because of the brighter feature. They weren’t really clear about this statement, so we’ll leave up to interpretation! Any of you getting the latest LuMee 2?

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