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Android Tricks and Hacks – Phone Repair Shop Blog

Android is the number one operating system in the world, and it is the number one choice by consumers for many reason. One of which is that there are many companies that are willing to manufacture them. Additionally, they’re not exclusive to just one brand. Unlike the Apple, the iOS is only exclusive for the iPhone and iPad models. Nevertheless, we’re here to share some Android tricks and hacks for you!

Note: These tips are mostly for 2.1 Android version.

Custom Ringtones

You can actually customize your contact’s ringtones so that you can distinguish which was is who when they call. These are easily changed on your contacts directory.

Power Strip

This feature comes with the Android 2.1 which is designed with a power strip built-in widget. This means that you can easily disconnect apps that drain your battery like Bluetooth, wi-fi, and GPS.

Call Screening

If you have unwanted calls that consistently bother you, you can ultimately block them by automatically sending their calls to voicemail. Simply follow – Contacts>Menu>Options.

Double-Tap Zoom

With phones that do not have multi-touch zoom, you can control your web zooming by changing your browser’s setting page. Simply double tap your screen from up close and double tap again to zoom out.

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